Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium

The Student Macro Project

Each GSWEC Intern is expected to complete a macro project either individually or as part of a group effort. The macro project is seen as a vehicle for ensuring that students have some exposure to macro practices outlined in the GSWEC competencies.

As the macro competencies are very extensive, it is not possible for a student macro project to address all the competencies, but rather select an area of focus that can reasonably be accomplished during the time of the field placement. While a macro project may be research-focused, a research project is not the expectation. For example, a macro project can focus on program planning and development, community networking, organizational development/agency/board or committee work, advocacy, or marketing. The project may be entirely directed by the GSWEC Intern or in conjunction with staff as part of ongoing agency work, but it is expected that the GSWEC Intern is the one that substantially directs the macro project.

The Macro Project will culminate with a poster presentation of the project at the GSWEC End of Year Event.

The GSWEC Poster Proiect

The content of the poster presentation is based on the work done in the Macro Project. As a Poster Presentation is the simplest way to present one’s work, new concepts or practice models to the profession, it is important for GSWEC Interns to be knowledgeable about the expectations for professional poster presentations and have experience in assembling a poster. The posters will be displayed at a Poster Session at the GSWEC End of Year Event.

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