Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium

APU: Azuza Pacific University
CSUDH: California State University Dominguez Hills
CSUF: California State University Fullerton
CSULB: California State University Long Beach

CSULA: California State University Los Angeles
CSUN: California State University Northridge
UCLA: University of California Los Angeles
USC: University of Southern California

Fall Matches 2021 - 2022

Student Name School Placement Agency
Jannette Gonzalez APU AltaMed
Karen Herrera CSUDH AltaMed
Rosana Ramos Ortiz CSULA AltaMed
Stephanie Garcia CSULA AltaMed
Lizette Avila CSULB AltaMed
Kennedy Debose USC AltaMed
Vanessa Quintanilla APU Alzheimer's Los Angeles
Noemi Arevalo CSUF Alzheimer's Los Angeles
Sharon Yajima CSUDH Alzheimer's Orange County
Lillie Frey CSUF Alzheimer's Orange County
Dawnn Guray CSULA Alzheimer's Orange County
Michael Valdez CSULA Alzheimer's Orange County
Jean Mendiola CSULB Alzheimer's Orange County
Marlet Andaya UCLA Alzheimer's Orange County
Naomi Grant USC Alzheimer's Orange County
Jessica Villatoro CSULB Beach Cities Health District
Amabel Robles-Navar CSULA Huntington
Jamaal Wesley CSULA Huntington
Maria Fernandez CSUN Huntington
Isabel Bustos UCLA Huntington
Rebecca Gustavson CSUN Motion Picture and Television Fund
Taemin Ahn UCLA Motion Picture and Television Fund
Angelica Cortes CSUDH Pacific Clinics
Celeste Rodriguez CSULA Pacific Clinics
Estefania Hernandez CSULA Pacific Clinics
William Patterson APU Partners in Care Foundation
Diana Esqueda CSULB Partners in Care Foundation
Noemi Perez CSULB Partners in Care Foundation
Carla Luis UCLA Partners in Care Foundation
Woo Choi CSULA SSG/Silver
Mercedes Flores CSULB SSG/Silver
Megan Maddox APU Veterans Administration
Clair Lee CSUDH Veterans Administration
Donna Vazquez CSUDH Veterans Administration
Anabel Gonzalez CSULA Veterans Administration
Jason Pineda CSULA Veterans Administration
Jessica Villareal CSULA Veterans Administration
Maria Buelna CSULA Veterans Administration
Anjelica Petris CSUN Veterans Administration
Brittany Green CSUN Veterans Administration
Raquel Phao CSUN Veterans Administration
Jessica Armendariz USC Veterans Administration
Jody Schnurenberg USC Veterans Administration
Velia Hermosila USC Veterans Administration
Sherry Barillas CSUF Wise & Healthy Aging
Jazmine Marquez CSULA Wise & Healthy Aging
Rosa Cruz CSULA Wise & Healthy Aging
Sandy Bustamante CSULA Wise & Healthy Aging
Socorro Garcia CSULB Wise & Healthy Aging
Efren Garcia CSUN Wise & Healthy Aging
Brooklyn Magana USC Wise & Healthy Aging
Isabel Mejia SSG Silver
Shaunta Whiting SSG Silver
Desiree Trippler APU Jewish Family Service - Care (Pending)
Jennifer Jennings APU Motion Picture and Television Fund (Pending)
Akua Agyen UCLA SSG Silver
Jason Ballou UCLA Veterans Administration

Summer Matches 2021 - 2022

Student Name: School: Placement Agency:
Valena Mitchell UCLA Not Placed
Akua Agyen UCLA SSG Silver
Jason Ballou UCLA Veterans Administration
Isabel Mejia USULB SSG Silver
Noemi Perez CSULB Partners in Care Foundation
Shaunta Whiting CSULB SSG Silver