Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium

No two GSWEC Interns are completely alike, and the same is true for the opportunities available to them at each of our twelve field agencies. The one unifying theme of GSWEC is our focus on older adults, who represent one of the fastest growing populations in need of social work services.

GSWEC internships offer micro, macro, and mezzo placement opportunities in settings that include: Geriatric Care Management, Mental Health, Adult Day Health Care, Civic Engagement and Volunteerism, Dementia Care and Caregiver Support, Health Care and Health Promotion, Senior Services Administration, and Substance Abuse Treatment.

Despite the variety of opportunities, GSWEC Interns leave the program with foundational competencies that emphasize geriatric social work values, knowledge, and skills, making our interns highly competitive when seeking employment after graduation. These competencies include 1) values, ethics and theoretical perspectives, 2) comprehensive assessments, 3) social work interventions, and 4) aging services, programs and policies.

All GSWEC Interns take part in the three didactic learning sessions, and a solo or group macro project on a topic of special interest to the student.